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Will Changing Reproductive Rights Change Workplace Benefits?

Earlier this month, you might have heard news from big employers like Yelp, Apple, and Citi. In a potential response to the new state laws restricting abortion rights and the apparent indifference of a Republican-majority Supreme Court, these companies are expanding their support of reproductive rights. But is this the rule, or the exception? Will […]

When Can I Use A Person’s Likeness In Writing?

Many aspects of a person’s likeness are considered intellectual property rights. This means that another person cannot legally misappropriate another person’s name for commercial benefit (or in some cases non-commercial benefit). For example, you could not use another person’s signature, photo, or voice for your own gain. These examples aren’t always what a person means […]

Are Immigration Laws Slowing The United States Economy?

To say conflict has been brewing in the United States would widely be heard as a magnificent understatement. There are only two political parties operating in our country, and they rarely see eye-to-eye. They fight about civil rights. They fight about voting rights. The fight about immigrant rights. Although each of these issues has the […]

What Is The “Right To Repair” Senate Bill?

Did you know that farmers don’t actually enjoy the right to fix their own equipment? When something breaks down, by law they almost always have to see a mechanic. A new Senate law called the “Right to Repair” bill would modify existing laws to expand the opportunities for farmers to fix their own farming equipment. […]

What Happens To The Estate When A Couple Is Divorced?

Dealing with a breakup after many years can be a terrifying experience — especially when dissolving a marriage is in the cards. Everyone thinks they know what to expect. Marital assets will be reallocated. One spouse or the other will probably obtain partial or full custody of the children. Alimony and child support might be […]

My Boss Made Sexually Provocative Comments. Is This Harassment?

Enduring sexual harassment in the workplace can be unbearable — and is normally against the law. But there’s a gap between what is considered harassment in the workplace and what is considered an isolated incident. Not sure you know what the difference is? No worries. We’re going to explain what the law says about workplace […]

What To Do When There Is A Murder At Work

Random acts of violence can strike anytime, anywhere. Even at work. You might be the employer. You might be the employee. At the end of the day, a murder in the workplace will affect you the same way. It will be traumatic. It will leave you feeling confused, perhaps even powerless. You will question what […]

The Most Commonly Confused Legal Terms Explained: Part Two

In part one of our series on the most commonly confused legal terms, we looked at several sets of confusing words and abbreviations. This time we will focus more on strictly legal terms, but those that confuse people in the same way. We helped sort out words like “imply” and “infer” in part one. In […]

Business Disputes Because Of Poorly Written Contracts

Ask a business owner about all the problems for which there was no plan or contingency, and many of the answers will describe business disputes. When you build a business, your mind is focused on infrastructure, investment, hiring personnel, legal problems, etc. But people are involved in every single one of these aspects of business! […]

The Most Commonly Confused Legal Terms Explained: Part One

Building a contract between two or more parties can be a time-consuming endeavor. This is especially true when one or more of those parties are new to contractual obligation under law. Part of the reason is grammar! For example, do you know the difference between the words “affect” and “effect?” Depending on the way they […]