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What Does It Mean To Own An Intellectual Property?

Most people have a general understanding of what intellectual property is. It’s not physical property that you can touch or steal in the traditional sense. Intellectual property (sometimes referred to simply as IP) is more an idea than actual property. But legally, it functions in much the same way — because stealing a person’s idea […]

Making Sure You Have Health Insurance During The Age Of COVID

The coronavirus pandemic has successfully shown that Americans can make any topic controversial if we try hard enough. A dangerous pandemic is something we should take seriously, but somehow a group has formed to spread misinformation about how the whole thing is just a leftist hoax. This is why American case counts and death tallies […]

Should Your Business Take Coronavirus Seriously?

By now, we hope that everyone understands that the coronavirus pandemic is not a drill. It’s very serious, and tens of thousands of people — perhaps many more — will die before this is all over. And it might not actually be over for years. If that’s not a sobering thought, we’ll do our best […]

Why Do Copyright Protections Not Apply To Parody?

Copyright laws protect an intellectual property from theft by parties who are often seeking commercial benefits. Parody is the replication of a particular work, often copyright-protected, for exaggeration, the effect of which is often to critique the original work. In law, the phrase “fair use” is the legalized use of a particular work. What do […]

How Many Lawsuits Have Been Built Against President Trump While In Office?

By now you’ve probably realize that Trump’s behavior — whether you support it or not — has been the basis for a mounting number of lawsuits. These lawsuits extend from congressional agencies, to individuals, to states, and over a wide number of subjects. For better or worse, President Trump has used the power of his […]

Small New Mexico Oil And Gas Firms Fighting New Environmental Laws

Complaints from coal, oil, and gas companies about new environmental laws and restrictions are nothing new. But a recent article published by the Las Cruces Sun News was titled: “New environmental law would cripple New Mexico.” Wow. Sounds a little dramatic, but is it accurate? New Mexico is bigger than just coal, oil, and gas […]

Why The Democrat And Republican Impeachment Narratives Are Irrelevant

Much of the country has become spellbound by the televised impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s actions regarding a Ukraine Aid package appropriated by Congress. The Democrats say that Trump withheld the money to bribe or extort the president of Ukraine to announce a political investigation of former Vice President and current Democratic presidential candidate […]

What Is The Emoluments Clause And Why Should You Care About It?

Our founding fathers were worried about the introduction of business interests into government from the very beginning — surely if they could see what American government, and indeed, the very concept of American “Democracy,” has been reduced to, then they would in all likelihood be rolling around in their graves. Especially since they provided blatant […]

Here’s What Immigration Law Looks Like Under An Authoritarian Government

Holocaust historian Deborah Lipstadt wrote about historical comparisons between Nazi Germany and the Trump administration in the Atlantic Monthly last year: “Equating the two is not only historically wrong, it is also strategically wrong. Glib comparisons to the Nazis provide the administration and its supporters with a chance to defend their position, something they do […]

California Brick-And-Mortar Liquor Stores Take Aim At Amazon’s Shady Business Practices

California law stipulates that in order for a retailer to sell wine and spirits online, the company must first have a brick-and-mortar location. Because Amazon wants to sell as much alcohol online as possible, the internet giant went about securing liquor licenses in seven locations throughout the state. Where are the company’s new “stores” located? […]