Making Sure You Have Health Insurance During The Age Of COVID

The coronavirus pandemic has successfully shown that Americans can make any topic controversial if we try hard enough. A dangerous pandemic is something we should take seriously, but somehow a group has formed to spread misinformation about how the whole thing is just a leftist hoax. This is why American case counts and death tallies are higher than any other country in the world — and will continue to skyrocket.

That means more people could lose their jobs and more people could find themselves without employer-provided health insurance. Are there any options? Thankfully, yes; there are a few.

First and foremost, most people who lose their jobs will want to try Medicaid. This option provides healthcare at low-to-no cost, and those who sign up can expect to find free coronavirus testing if needed.

Those who are wealthier might find COBRA coverage more to their liking, as it extends the coverage provided through employment after being laid-off. These plans are much more expensive — but if you liked your old plan and you want to continue using it, this could be your best bet.

The third option falls somewhere in the middle, but for anyone on unemployment it’s a real possibility. Remember the Affordable Care Act? The Obamacare that President Trump has been trying to dismantle for the last 3.5 years? Now, they want you to sign up for it to prevent the overextension of Medicaid.

People who have recently lost their jobs can sign up for the ACA anytime, while others likely need to wait for open enrollment. Plans may be subsidized for low income households. Even with subsidies, plans might still be too expensive for those out of work. High deductibles are common.

The last option is litigation, but most people won’t have a winnable case. Losing your job because of coronavirus is not enough. First, you need to prove that it was your employer’s fault! Check with a qualified personal injury attorney to discuss the details of a potential coronavirus-related lawsuit.