How Many Lawsuits Have Been Built Against President Trump While In Office?

By now you’ve probably realize that Trump’s behavior — whether you support it or not — has been the basis for a mounting number of lawsuits. These lawsuits extend from congressional agencies, to individuals, to states, and over a wide number of subjects. For better or worse, President Trump has used the power of his office to do everything he wants to do, and everything he promised his supporters he would do. 

So how many lawsuits are there, exactly?

It depends on when and where you start digging! Over the past 30 years, Trump and his companies have been the subject of thousands of lawsuits. He was a plaintiff in most of them, arguing on behalf of his companies in 1,900 lawsuits. He was a defendant in 1,450. Around 170 lawsuits were brought to federal court.

Many of these cases ended in dismissal. Many more ended behind closed doors, where settlements of undisclosed damages were likely bartered. Recently, there have been lawsuits arguing sexual harassment and defamation. At least 100 tax disputes have arisen, most argued by the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance.

Surprisingly, those lawsuits seemed to slow down since Trump took office. That might sound surprising since his administration is the subject of around 190 suits to date. Oh, wait: That’s just the number of lawsuits filed by a single organization, the Center for Biological Diversity. His administration more than any other has put the environment in danger, thoughtlessly ending protections against endangered species and opening national or publicly owned lands to deforestation and damaging deregulation. 

At least 47 lawsuits were collaborative efforts by dozens of states battling Trump’s abuse of authority.

16 states collaborated to sue Trump for his use of emergency powers to build his wall. 22 states argued against the repeal of the Open Internet Order. Dozens of states have argued in favor of California’s ability to limit car emissions, something Trump believes would give too much regulatory power to a single state and damage the bottom line of the auto industry. Even automakers believe the administration should give up the fight though.

Another 17 states have sued to keep migrant families together after children were separated from their parents. The president’s supporters almost always contend that it wouldn’t be happening at all if those migrants had just come across the border legally (even though they did enter the country legally).

So how many lawsuits is the Trump Administration facing? It’s a difficult question to answer, because the number goes up and up almost every day. The Trump administration as already faced a roughly equal number of state-led lawsuits in three years as the Obama administration did in eight. Wow.